Lipstick Shopping Guide: Factors to Consider Before Making a Choice
March 24, 2024

Lipstick Shopping Guide: Factors to Consider Before Making a Choice

The first place in the makeup box is lipstick. Lipsticks that match your skin tone can help enhance your look. But imitating models and movie actresses and wearing lipstick in a color that doesn't match your own skin tone can make you look fake and unattractive.

It's natural to get confused about which one to buy when you see a variety of beautiful lipsticks in the shops. For daytime functions, it is best to choose a color that suits one's skin tone. These colors give natural beauty. For parties, wear bold colors that give a bit of a dramatic look. Lip color should match hair style and clothes.

Before buying lipstick, keep these things in mind;

∙ Most people experiment with different shades of pink and red. The advantage of these colors is that they suit almost every skin tone. These colors go well with almost any hairstyle and a variety of outfits.

∙ Pinkish coral red and crimson red colors suit those with white skin.

∙ Pink, cranberry red and brick red lipsticks will suit those with fair skin tones.

∙ For those with dark skin, a red or brown lipstick with a burgundy shade will suit them.

∙ Before buying a lipstick, check whether it suits your skin. When trying on several colors, remove each one completely before trying on the next color. Otherwise many colors will be combined and the real color will not be known. Try the next step only after completely removing the lip color using makeup remover or lotion

∙ It is advisable to seek expert advice to choose a suitable lip color. When we wear many colors, we may not be able to recognize the color that suits our skin. Don't hesitate to ask the people at the makeup counter in the shop for help.

∙ Lipstick in the same color as the dress will give a dramatic look. It is better to avoid this if you want natural beauty.

Fresh colors to add to the lips without fading or fading for longer; Here are the lipstick updates in the market…

Even the silk sarees became thinner and light as a feather. I craved for this and went to the gym and got slim. Slim lipstick, mini lipstick and three-in-one lipstick with three uses are smartly packed in the bag and ready to go.

Lip sugar that melts slowly like sugar and adds beauty to the lips, three-in-one lipstick that can be easily held in hand and teenage collection that will not empty your pocket are just a few of them. Caring lipstick that covers and protects the lips is also in trends. Liquid matte lipsticks can be chosen if you want long-lasting color without fading. If you want to nourish your lips, you should choose lipsticks containing vitamin E.

Peach and copper shades suit all skin tones. These shades can be worn to the office, to a party or to a small family function. There is more to the matter of lipstick. Here are some things you need to know to buy the most suitable lipstick blindfolded and what to keep in mind while wearing lipstick. ∙ It is not necessary to have a lip liner in the same color as the lipstick. Contrast lip liner and blend well with lipstick for fuller lips. In this way, you can experiment with different colors and make your own lip shades.

∙ If you fill the top of the lips with lip liner and then apply lipstick, the color will last longer. Different shades are also available.

∙ Lip scrub should be done after some time after applying lip balm. This will help the lips become smooth. The dead skin will also go away. Apply the lip balm again and then apply the lipstick.

Slim Lipsticks

Slim lipsticks help to fill even the thin edges of the lips with precision.

Lip - Cheek Tint

These are smart lipsticks that can be used as lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. Available in liquid form, as a balm and as a bullet.

Self sharpening Crayon

Lipstick in the form of a twistable pen. Can be used as lip liner and lipstick. Semi moisturizing feel.

Lip Palette

The lip palette is available in six or nine shades. A favorite choice for those who like to mix colors and try new colors.

Trendy Shades

Hotselling colors in pink, peach and neutral shades. Those with pigmented lips can use these after applying a primer.

Lip Oil

Malayali's favorite among Korean beauty products. Apply simply to nourish dry lips. It can also be used as a substitute for gloss after applying lipstick.

Fiber Lip Liners

There are lipliners with wooden backing and lipliners with fiber backing. Fiber lipliners are better for drawing smoothly.

Lip Stack

Smart travel packing with three colors in one bottle. Like the nail polish bottle, the brush is also included.

Vinyl Lipsticks

A glossy lipstick that lasts 24 hours. This is the solution to the problem that the lipstick does not stay on the lips for a long time if it is glossed.